Sugar Gliders: A Flying Sweet Squirrel in Disguise

If you ask a person off the street what a sugar glider is, they may mistakenly inform you that they assume it would be a sort of sweet confectionary or something on those lines. They couldn’t be more mistaken. A Sugar Glider is a small omnivorous nocturnal gliding possum and the name is derived from its liking for sugary foods and its ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel. It has grown in popularity all around the world as an exotic pet but has also become one of the most commonly traded wild animals in the illegal pet trade.

You are allowed to keep the Sugar Glider as a pet depending upon your location. In some US States it is legal to keep them as pets, while certain states like California, Hawaii and Alaska forbid them to be kept as pets. Other states may require certain permits and licenses.


If you are planning to buy a Sugar Glider as a pet, you should make sure of the following:

  • Look at their eyes and check if they are bright and clear, if the tail and fur is clean and fluffy and if their breathing is clear. These are sigs and indications of good health.
  • If a breeder or seller has to put on gloves to handle the gliders, be a little wary – this means that the gliders are not used to human contact and may be aggressive.
  • If you are planning to buy remotely from a website, make sure you do your research on the breeder to check for the authenticity and experience they have. Ask certain questions like how long they have been doing this and what their guarantee is.

With the proper care and nutrition, sugar gliders grow to be healthy and will enjoy a long life.



If you are looking to sell your Sugar Glider, here are a couple of pointers to ensure that your gliders get a good home.

  • If possible, meet the interested buyers face to face so you can judge if they will be good owners for your Glider.
  • Let them hold the glider babies to see how they would handle them.
  • Write out a sheet that details the care routine and the type of diet your gliders are following so it becomes easier for the new owners to step into their role.
  • Make sure that the interested parties have read up and researched on gliders. Many people purchase gliders thinking they will look nice as exotic pets not realizing that the sugar gliders need a lot of attention too. They should read up about the glider’s diet, play time, interaction, proper environment to bring them up in, the proper care and handling of the gliders etc – basically they should familiarize themselves with every aspect of glider ownership so they know what they’re getting into.
  • Ensure that they are financially stable to take care of the glider. They should be able to take it to the vet should something occur or in case of emergencies. If they do not have sufficient funds to buy the necessary food, toys etc that a glider will need to remain happy, then you should avoid selling your glider to them.
  • Last but not least, be careful when you meet the person you are selling your glider babes to. Always meet in a public area or with a friend. If you are posting them to the new owners, this won’t be relevant.

Basically, do your research on your new owners and ensure that your glider goes to a loving home.